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Welcome to the new website of the UEMS PRM Section !

This is the new official website of the UEMS PRM Section and Board. You will find here all updated information about the activities of the Board and the Section's Committees:

  • European Board of PRM: Education (initial teaching and training, CME/CPD, accreditation of European PRM teaching and training events). President : Dr. Rolf Frischknecht (Switzerland).
  • Clinical Affairs Committee: Quality of Care, based on the concept of PRM Programmes of Care. Chairman : Dr Georges de Korvin (France).
  • Professional Practice: Fields of Competence. Chairman : Prof. Mihai Berteanu (Romania).
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On behalf of Prof. Nicolas Christodoulou, President of the UEMS PRM Section and of Dr. Rolf Frischknecht, President of the European PRM Board, we thank you for your interest in European PRM Activities. PRM Specialists are all invited to bring their contribution and to apply to the European PRM Board Certification (by examination or by equivalence). This is the first step before applying for the certification as a Trainer or for a Training Centre.

PRM Trainees may profit from free or low cost registration in some PRM Congresses and European training courses. All Board certified specialists will also benefit from reduced subscription fees to several European Journals.

European Board Certified Specialists can also participate in the European Accreditation of PRM Programmes of Care, which is organized by the Clinical Affairs Committee. This will contribute to a full description of PRM daily practice and to the promotion of Quality of Care all over Europe.

Dr Georges de Korvin and Dr Nikos Barotsis - Webmasters

Registration for PRM Trainees

Trainees in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine can register with the European PRM Board of UEMS from the first year of their training. Registration is free and is submited online.

The Board encourages trainees to register and benefit from special privileges including free or low cost teaching programmes, the dedicated newsletter and free educational material.

Clinical Affairs Committee

The Clinical Affairs Committee of the UEMS PRM Section deals with Quality of Care in PRM practice.

The Clinical Affairs Committee of the UEMS Section of PRM (CAC) was set up in 2001, on the suggestion of Prof. Veronika Fialka-Moser (Austria). Its mission was to promote quality of care in PRM throughout European countries. Under the presidency of Prof. Bengt Sjölund (Sweden), we discussed different ways to achieve this ambitious goal. Without any external funding, we decided to create an Accreditation of PRM Programmes of Care based on volunteering of participants and reviewers.

After several trials, the procedure has reached a mature level, step by step. This accreditation is based on a peer-review of the thorough description of a PRM Programme of Care, using a common template, which can be downloaded from this website. This template has proved to be robust and can apply to any kind of clinical situation and local context. It puts much emphasis on the medical approach of the patient, from disease diagnosis and treatment to comprehensive rehabilitation. This has to be expressed in the general foundations, in the goals and in the structured content of the programme. Organizational aspects result from those first considerations, which give sense to all the manpower and equipment required by the programme.

Before submitting a programme to formal Accreditation, any PRM Specialist can give an oral presentation of his programme during the CAC workshop, which takes place twice a year during the General Assembly of the UEMS PRM Section, every time in a different European city. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange our clinical experiences, to get an accurate knowledge of the national contexts in Europe and to get more conscious of our European culture of PRM.

Additionaly, the CAC has started some other works related to PRM programmes and quality of care. A position paper on patients rights in PRM care will be presented in the European congress of PRM (Marseille, May 2014), as well as a special topic about the rights of patients with reduced competencies.

CAC also cooperates with the European Society of PRM (ESPRM) in order to gather and sort out National guidelines and recommendations for the best PRM practice.

CAC works and PRM programmes of care a regularly presented during special sessions of ESPRM congresses and in the SOFMER congresses. If you are interested in contribute to CAC activities, please, contact the National Delegate of your country or CAC Chairman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Dr Georges de Korvin
Chairman of the Clinical Affairs Committee – UEMS PRM Section